Assign user roles manually - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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It is possible to assign groups to users individually or in bulk.

Assign roles to a user individually

  1. Select the pencil icon for the user in the table available in the Manage users administration interface.

  2. Select the role or roles to assign to this user.

  3. Select Save.

A count of the roles assigned and assignable displayed for both Feature and Administrative roles as follows:

Sometimes, assigning a role to a user is not enough to ensure that the user will have access to a feature. For information about other conditions which may exist, see Feature conditionality.

Assign roles to several users at once

  1. Select the user or users in the Manage Users interface.

  2. Open the Roles tab at the bottom of the user table.

  3. Select a role to assign to the selected users in the drop-down menu.

    Click the "+" button. In the drop-down menu, only roles not assigned to the users are suggested.

    The ROLES column is automatically updated with the users' new roles.