Service Provider metadata - Fluid Topics - 4.3

Fluid Topics Configuration and Administration Guide

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Before saving the configuration of a SAML realm, the Service provider metadata section is empty as follows:

Service provider metadata section before saving a configuration

After saving the configuration of a SAML realm, information about Fluid Topics is available in this section, as shown in the following example:

Service provider metadata after saving a configuration


  • XML metadata file. This is an XML file containing information about Fluid Topics.

  • Certificate. This is the SAML certificate used to encode messages before sending them to the SAML provider.

  • Callback URL. This is the URL of the Fluid Topics callback page to which the SSO mechanism redirects.

  • Selecting XML metadata file or Certificate downloads the corresponding data to the user's device. Selecting Callback URL copies the URL to the user's clipboard.
  • To finalize the configuration of a SAML realm, it is necessary to share the Fluid Topics data with the SAML provider.
  • To get access to the Service provider metadata file, users can upload the idp_metadata_example.xml file from the Attachments menu in the Identity provider metadata section. This file is a sample. Users should replace idp_metadata_example.xml after getting the Service provider metadata file.
  • The Service provider XML metadata file contains both the certificate and the callback URL. However, some Identity providers specifically request the certificate or the callback URL individually. The Certificate and Callback URL buttons allow users to save time by not having to extract this information from the XML metadata file.

If using the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) component, see ADFS troubleshooting.