Create a rule - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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Selecting the New access rule button in the Access rules administration interface opens a drawer, where users with the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN role can create a rule based on metadata in order to allow only certain groups to access documents with that metadata.

The New access rule drawer has the following sections:

Create rule dialog


  1. A menu to select a metadata key.

  2. A toggle to automatically bind each value for the selected metadata key to a user group with a matching name. Fluid Topics generates these user groups automatically. Each group can access all documents with the corresponding metadata value. If the user activates this toggle, all configuration options below it are grayed out.

  3. A menu to select a metadata value.

  4. A section to define which user group(s) can access documents with the given metadata.

  5. A button to create a new user group.

  • Metadata are case-sensitive.
  • For rights to become effective, it is necessary to select metadata which is associated with a document. If a user selects metadata that is associated with one or more topics, but not with any documents, Fluid Topics does not apply the content access right.
  • ADMIN and KHUB_ADMIN users can see all content, including documents for which content access rights have been configured.

Saving the configuration launches a reprocess job.