Configure a description tag - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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It is possible to add a description to a topic, map, or unstructured document by using a dedicated metadata element.

This description is only available to crawlers and is used exclusively for indexing purposes.

When the content is processed by Fluid Topics, a new <meta name="description"></meta> element is added to the header of the HTML page. Its value corresponds to the description set in the content.

The following lines show an example of generated HTML:

        <title>Time Machine Price List</title>
        <meta name="description" content="This document lists prices for our ready-for-sale time machine models.">

These properties are transformed into the ft:description metadata element by the Fluid Topics PaF.

For topics with no ft:description metadata element, the default value of the HTML description field corresponds to the first 320 characters of the topic HTML body. Default content does not generate any ft:description metadata element.

The way to define this information depends on the content format:

It is possible to consult the ft:description metadata element of a document in the Metadata journal.