Theme - Fluid Topics - 4.3

Fluid Topics Configuration and Administration Guide

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Selecting the Theme tab in the Portal section of the Administration menu opens the Theme administration interface, where ADMIN and PORTAL_ADMIN users can perform the following actions:

The following buttons are available for all sections of the Theme administration interface:

  1. Selecting Download downloads all theme settings (for example, fonts, colors and custom.less) in JSON format.

  2. Selecting Upload opens a dialog box prompting the user to upload a previously downloaded file.

  3. Selecting Reset reverts to the default configuration. Selecting this button opens the Preview mode with the default fonts applied. It is necessary to select Save to apply changes.

  4. Selecting Preview displays modifications before applying them.

Colors and Custom LESS properties defined in the Theme menu do not apply in designed pages. CSS properties defined in the Content styles menu do apply to designed Reader pages.