Create an Enrich and Clean rule - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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Create a new metadata enrichment

  1. Select the New rule button to open the New rule window:

    A screenshot of a 'New enrichment' window. The form contains fields for 'Select the metadata to enrich', 'Select the taxonomy to apply', and 'Name the generated metadata'. Below these fields, there are checkboxes for 'Apply hierarchy' and 'Remove unclassified values.' At the bottom, there are two buttons: 'Cancel' and 'Create'.

  2. Select the metadata on which to apply the enrichment.

  3. Select the taxonomy used to enrich the previously selected metadata.

  4. Enter a name for the newly generated metadata. If no name is entered here, the new metadata is named "$metadata_custom".

  5. Select Create to validate, then select Save in the Enrich and Clean administration interface.

The New rule button is disabled if no vocabulary has been defined in the Vocabularies administration interface.

  • Selecting the Apply hierarchy check box in the New rule window sets the newly generated metadata as a hierarchical facet.
  • Selecting the Remove unclassified values check box prevents the newly generated metadata from displaying values that have not been defined in the applied taxonomy.
  • Selecting the Save button launches a reprocess job. Reprocessing content can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, depending on the size of the corpus. New uploads are put on hold until the reprocessed job is finished.

The feature generates new facets on the Fluid Topics portal. As for the facets that already existed, these must be configured to be displayed on the portal.