Add a vocabulary - Fluid Topics - 4.2

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It is necessary to have uploaded at least one document in the Knowledge Hub before configuring a vocabulary. If this condition is not met, a message appears when placing the pointer in the Language menu of the Add a vocabulary window indicating that no data is available.

Selecting the Add a vocabulary button in the Vocabularies administration interface displays the following window:

Add a vocabulary window


  1. A field to define a name for the vocabulary (mandatory).
  2. A menu to change the language(s) that Fluid Topics automatically detects if necessary.
  3. An area to drop a CSV or SKOS file or select a button to browse files available locally (mandatory).

After configuring the fields, uploading a file, and selecting the save button, it is necessary to select the Reprocess button in order to apply the vocabulary to the portal's content.

Reprocessing can take a considerable amount of time if a lot of content has been published to the portal. Any content a user uploads while a reprocess job is underway is queued and processed after the reprocess job is complete.