Request additional user information from an external domain - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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Some administrators prefer not to store information about user groups and user roles within the configuration of the realm itself. Instead, they configure a script that calls an HTTP client web service to retrieve user roles and rights from an external system whenever a user authenticates via the SSO mechanism.

The script is intended to be added to a groups or roles mapper.

For security reasons, it is necessary to define a whitelist of authorized external hosts. Without this list, the script will not work. SaaS clients should request assistance from a Fluid Topics representative. On-premises clients can define a whitelist of authorized external hosts by configuring the postAuthenticationRequestableHosts parameter in the features.conf.json file.


An administrator adds the script to a groups mapper to call a fictitious API for a fictitious domain which is accessible via an SSO mechanism:

const response = http.get('' +
      .header('Accept', 'application/json')
      .header('Authorization', 'Bearer' + attributes.access_token)

const json = JSON.parse(response);

user.groups = json.rights;

As shown in the example, it is good practice to configure the following headers when adding the script:

  • 'Authorization': a header to define an access token.

  • 'Accept': a header to define the accepted API call and response format.