Configure search preferences - Fluid Topics - 4.3

Fluid Topics Configuration and Administration Guide

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By configuring search preferences, administrators can ensure that the first results users see always match preset criteria.

It is possible to configure search preferences by defining a JavaScript function as follows:

  1. Select Run configuration assistant.

  2. Enter the user's email address, then select Search.

  3. In the Define mappings between authentication system and Fluid Topics profiles section, define the JavaScript object.

    The following use cases show the different methods available.

    • Prioritize the same value for all users:

      user.preferences.metadata = {
          Product: {
              prior: 'FT',
              filter: ['platform', 'FT']
    • Prioritize the same value for all users but use an alternative syntax:

      user.preferences.metadata.Product = {
          filter: ['platform', 'FT']
    • Retrieve the properties that the authentication service returns:

      user.preferences.metadata = {
          versions: {
              prior: attributes.versions
  4. Check the results for accuracy in the Verify resolution results section.

  5. Select OK twice, then select Save.