Configure profile mappers - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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When creating a new realm or updating an existing one, users with the ADMIN role can access a section called Profile mappers.

Although the section itself is read-only, it is possible to make modifications by selecting the Run configuration assistant button. This opens the Profile mappers assistant drawer, where the following mapping methods are available:

  1. Select properties.

  2. Define a JavaScript function.

Why configure profile mappers?

Configuring profile mappers establishes a relationship between the following elements:

  • The user's information as defined when their Fluid Topics account was first created.

  • The user's information as Fluid Topics retrieves it from the realm's configuration when the user authenticates.

Some administrators also use profile mappers to request additional information about a user from an external domain in order to apply it to Fluid Topics. It is possible to retrieve the following user information from an SSO based on the realm:

Realm Mappable user information Notes
OpenID Connect
SAML realm If the SAML provider is Keycloak, additional configuration in the Keycloak UI is required to ensure that the condition of a stable ID is met.


The following lines show an example of JavaScript code that users with the ADMIN role can use to configure Profile mappers in order to assign specific roles and groups to users and administrators:

admin_users = ['',

// Push company user roles
user.roles = []

if (admin_users.includes(attributes.emailAddress)) {
} else {

// Push company user groups
user.groups = []
user.groups =
    function () {
        if (admin_users.includes(attributes.emailAddress))
            return ['Documentation Admin']
        if (attributes.emailAddress.endsWith(''))
            return ['Internal']
            return ['External']
  • When running the configuration assistant, it is necessary to have the email address of an existing user on hand.
  • When configuring search preferences, defining a JavaScript function is the only mapping method available.

Pressing Control + Space or Control + i, or typing http. displays inline help for the configuration assistant.