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This web service registers a new account for an internal realm user.

Method Endpoint
POST /api/users/register

Request example

The following lines show an example of a JSON request body:

    "name": "A User",
    "emailAddress": "",
    "password": "User's password",
    "privacyPolicyAgreement": false
Field Type Required? Description
name String Yes Expects the name of the new user.
emailAddress String Yes Expects the new user's email address.
password String Yes Expects the new user's password.
privacyPolicyAgreement Boolean Yes Defines whether the user accepts the legal terms. Possible values are true or false.
  • This web service can only add a new user account for an internal realm. An internal realm must therefore be available for the portal in order to call this web service.
  • The password must meet the security requirements defined for the internal realm.
  • The behavior of this web service depends on the registration type. If the registration type is Public, Fluid Topics does not send an email asking the new user to confirm their account. If the registration type is Verified, Fluid Topics does send an email asking the new user to confirm their account. This web service is open to all users if the registration type is Public or Verified. If the registration type is Closed, only users with the ADMIN or USERS_ADMIN role can use this web service.
  • In compliance with the OWASP Secure Software Development Lifecycle Requirement #2.3.1, tokens to activate an account expire after a short period (2 hours).

Since the password parameter expects a plain-text string, the user must reset their password after logging in for the first time.

Return code Description
201 CREATED The request is valid and the user was created.
400 BAD REQUEST One or more required parameters are missing, the email address is invalid, or the password does not comply with security requirements.
401 UNAUTHORIZED The authorization header was not provided or is invalid.
403 FORBIDDEN The user or API key does not have the ADMIN or USERS_ADMIN role.

For a comprehensive list of all possible return codes, see Return codes.

Response body

The following lines show an example of a JSON response body:

    "id": "a43eb18a-3f48-4732-9389-61b540ce9d0d",
    "displayName": "A User",
    "emailAddress": "",
    "needsVerification": false
Field Type Description
id String The user's identifier.
displayName String The user's name as it appears in the portal.
emailAddress String The user's email address.
needsVerification String Defines whether the user needs to confirm their account in an email received from Fluid Topics.