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Fluid Topics integrators can call a Fluid Topics web service to retrieve data and reuse this data in external applications as follows:

Fluid Topics web services

Fluid Topics administrators can call a Fluid Topics web services to perform actions such as deleting a source, creating a user, managing content, and more.

Most often without knowing it, end-users call web services when performing actions such as searching for and retrieving content. The Fluid Topics user interface makes these calls invisible to end-users.

For examples of ways of using the Fluid Topics web services, see Integrate the Fluid Topics API.

Example of a web service call

The following line is an example of using cURL to call a Fluid Topics web service that requires authentication:

curl http://doc.antidot.net/api/users -u john.doe@fluidtopics.com:PASSWORD 

The following lines show an example of the response to this call:

        "id": "f6799959-765e-4319-a156-c09ad3251366",
        "displayName": "John Doe",
        "emailAddress": "john.doe@fluidtopics.com"
        "id": "9aab1622-6b63-47af-a90a-68bb7939c214",
        "displayName": "Paul Dupont",
        "emailAddress": "paul.dupont@fluidtopics.com"