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This web service is used to reindex all content published to a Fluid Topics tenant.

For instance, reindexing content can be necessary in the following contexts:

  • To benefit from an AFS search engine bug fix.
  • To apply new or updated vocabularies.
Method Endpoint
PUT /api/admin/khub/dataflow/reindex
  • Reindexed content passes through all the filters of the Fluid Topics processing pipeline again, except for the first filter, which is reserved for reprocessing
  • This web service is available to users or API keys with the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN roles.

Since reprocessing jobs also reindex content, it is possible to use the Reprocess content web service to achieve the same goal.

  • Authentication via the header is required in all calls to Fluid Topics Dataflow web services.
  • The first processing job launched after reprocessing may take more time than all other processing jobs.