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Fluid Topics API Reference Guide

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The URL of a Fluid Topics book using the architecture of the published ZIP archive takes the following form:

Path parameter Type Description
{sourceId} String Parameter of the source used to upload the content.

The {sourceId} parameter is case-sensitive.

Query parameter Type Required? Description
$DITAMAP_PATH String Yes The relative path to the map in the published ZIP archive.
$DITAVAL_PATH String Yes The relative path to the applied DITAVAL in the published ZIP archive. If there is no DITAVAL applied to the DITA map, the string "ft:empty" must be used.


Given the following DITA archive uploaded through the "dita" source:
├── my-map.ditamap
├── audience.ditaval
└── topics
      ├── topic1.dita
      └── topic2.dita

To access the map with its audience DITAVAL, use the following path:


It is then possible to share this map by using the following link:

All metadata values can be used to build a link pointing to a specific publication.