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Fluid Topics API Reference Guide

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This web service lists the unstructured documents available in a portal's Knowledge Hub.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/khub/documents
  • It is possible to use pagination with this web service.
  • Using pagination when listing documents is recommended.
Query string parameter Type Required? Description
page String No Is the page number. This optional field starts at 1 and defaults to 1.
per_page String No Is the number of results per page. This optional field defaults at -1, meaning that all results are returned. The maximum accepted value is 500.

Response body

        "id": "PsA9WUlJsLM6D44sbYAv~Q",
        "filename": "Fluidy.jpg",
        "title": "Fluidy",
        "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
        "documentApiEndpoint": "/api/khub/documents/PsA9WUlJsLM6D44sbYAv~Q",
        "metadata": []
        "id": "zDK13oDmZHDXCEPOc4xiyw",
        "filename": "FluidTopics-Zoom-KHub-Internals-2015c.pdf",
        "title": "FluidTopics-Zoom-KHub-Internals-2015c",
        "mimeType": "application/pdf",
        "documentApiEndpoint": "/api/khub/documents/zDK13oDmZHDXCEPOc4xiyw",
        "metadata": [
                "key": "author",
                "label": "author",
                "values": [
                    "Fabrice LACROIX"
        "id": "GGGLebFzhuz2faA2enV7yQ",
        "filename": "",
        "title": "Internationalization",
        "mimeType": "text/plain",
        "documentApiEndpoint": "/api/khub/documents/GGGLebFzhuz2faA2enV7yQ",
        "metadata": []
        "id": "HzMco07FtFvw~QeDbZgrmA",
        "filename": "",
        "title": "Multi",
        "mimeType": "application/zip",
        "documentApiEndpoint": "/api/khub/documents/HzMco07FtFvw~QeDbZgrmA",
        "metadata": []

In this example, Fluid Topics returns four unstructured documents.

Field Type Description
id String The unique identifier of the document.
filename String The filename used for this document.
title String The title used when referencing the document in the Fluid Topics UI.
mimeType String The MIME type of the document.
documentApiEndpoint String The path to follow to get details about the corresponding document.
metadata Array An array containing the key, values, and label fields. If any of the metadata's values are organized in hierarchical order, the hierarchical values field is present instead of the values field.