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This web service lists all saved searches that were previously added to the user's library.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/users/{userId}/searches
Path parameter Type Description
{userId} String The user's identifier.

Response body

The following lines show an example of a JSON response body:

    "ownerId": "24502ba6-a2da-4db8-8ec1-c8d29f970454",
    "id": "a393cb2q-3070-4aaf-a134-917e154b4ceb",
    "title": "Search number one",
    "description": "Searching for topics about xyz",
    "color": "orange",
    "searchRequest": {
      "contentLocale": "en-US",
      "query": "xyz",
      "filters": [
          "key": "ft:editorialType",
          "values": "book",
          "negative": false
      "sort": [
          "type": "NATURAL",
          "key": "afs:sort=versionFacet",
          "order": "DESC"
      "periodFilter": {
        "periodType": "CUSTOM",
        "period": {
          "from": "2022-07-08",
          "to": "2022-10-13"
    "alert": true,
    "creationDate": "2023-10-22T15:10:07.126+00:00"
Field Type Description
ownerid String The identifier of the user who owns the saved search.
id String The identifier of the saved search.
title String The title of the saved search.
description String The description of the saved search.
color String A color for the saved search's tag. Accepted values are black, green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow.
searchRequest Object The parameters of the saved search.
    query String The terms of the search query.
    filters Array The filters applied to the search query.
        key String The filter's metadata key.
        values String A list of values for the metadata key.
    sort Array Indicates if search results are sorted based on certain criteria.
        key String A parameter prefixed by afs:sort that defines additional criteria by which to sort search results.
        order String Defines the sort order. Possible values are ASC and DESC.
        type String The sorting method to be applied to search results. Possible values are ALPHA and NATURAL.
    periodFilter Object Filters search results by period.
        periodType String Defines the type of period by which to filter the search results. Possible values include LAST_WEEK,LAST_MONTH, LAST_YEAR and CUSTOM.
        period Object Defines the period by which to filter the search results.
            from String The start date of the period.
            to String The end date of the period.
    contentLocale String Indicates the language of the search results.
Return code Description
200 OK The request is valid and data is returned.
401 UNAUTHORIZED The authorization header is absent or invalid.
403 FORBIDDEN The user or API key does not have the USERS_ADMIN or ADMIN role, or the user corresponding to the USER_ID parameter does not have the SAVED_SEARCH_USER role.
404 NOT FOUND No user exists with this ID.

For a comprehensive list of all possible return codes, see Return codes.