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This web service lets users get information about who (users and groups) can access a document identified by its docId. Three access rights levels exist:

  • PUBLIC: The document is accessible to all users: authenticated or anonymous.
  • AUTHENTICATED: The document is accessible only to authenticated users, whatever groups they belong to.
  • RESTRICTED: The document is accessible only to users from specific groups.
  • Authentication via the header is required in all calls to Fluid Topics Dataflow web services.
  • The first processing job launched after reprocessing may take more time than all other processing jobs.
Method Endpoint
GET /api/khub/documents/{docId}/rights
Path parameter Type Description
{docId} String The document's identifier. It has to be double URL encoded.

Response bodies

  "accessLevel": "PUBLIC"
  "accessLevel": "AUTHENTICATED"
  "accessLevel": "RESTRICTED",
  "groups": [