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This web service deletes all publications based on selected metadata.

Method Endpoint
DELETE /api/admin/khub/publications?metadata1=value1&...&metadataN=valueN
Query string parameter Type Required? Description
metadata=value String Yes Any metadata key-value set that differentiates the publication. Use as many metadata as needed to define unique content.

For example:
Return code Description
202 ACCEPTED The deletion instruction was sent to the Fluid Topics processing pipeline.
400 BAD REQUEST Invalid query.
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR The server could not process the request.

Users or API keys with the CONTENT_PUBLISHER role can only update the metadata of a publication uploaded through a source they have permissions for.

To avoid deleting all the KHUB publications by mistake, the web service includes the following security conditions:

  • It is not possible to call the web service without query parameters. It is still possible to delete all the publications from the KHUB by adding the following parameter: .../api/admin/khub/publications?ft:isPublication=true
  • It is not possible to use a metadata element which does not exist in the KHUB. In this case, the web service returns the list of available metadata.

If one of these conditions is not followed, the server returns a 400 error code.

Before running this web service, it is recommended to call the Get publications by metadata web service.