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This web service returns the metadata of the DITA-OT version used for the processing of DITA documents on a Fluid Topics portal.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/admin/khub/dita-ot


It is possible to get the DITA-OT metadata using the following cURL command:

curl --request GET \
     --header "Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ" \

Callers can authenticate by using basic authentication or an API key.

Response body

    "filename": "",
    "modificationDate": "2023-02-17T13:57:14.604896047Z",
    "uploaderId": "eff982-xc12-1i77-652p-659210erf",
    "uploaderName": "Alan Smithee"

If DITA-OT is uploaded using an API key, there is no uploaderName and the uploaderId is the ID of the API key.

Return code Description
200 OK Returns details about the DITA-OT integrated to a Fluid Topics portal.

For a list of all possible return codes, see Return codes.