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This web service returns the health report of a front server of a specific Fluid Topics tenant.

This web service can be used by a Load balancer to monitor the health of a front to decide which front server should remain in the pool, and which front server has a problem and should be removed from the pool.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/probe
Return code Description
200 The front server is running.
503 The front server is out of service.

When calling this web service, the Fluid Topics server assesses the availability of:

  • The tenant AFS Search component (configured in the search section of the ws.conf.json file), with the query "/search?afs:check=probe"
  • The tenant AFS Content Repository component (configured in content section of the ws.conf.json file), with the query "/content?afs:check=probe"
  • The tenant MongoDB database (configured in the mongo.conf.json file), with a ping command:

If all three components successfully reply, the web service returns 200.

If one or more component fail to answer, the web service returns 503. The Fluid Topics server is out of service.

The conf.json file for the tenant does not need to be correct for this web service to work. It is not checked. In other words, even if the web service returns 200, the portal may not load properly.