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This web service responds with the list of pages from the page.display events. Users with the ANALYTICS_USER or ADMIN role can use these pages for filtering the results returned by the Pages views endpoint.

Method Endpoint
GET /analytics/api/v1/traffic/inventory/pages

Response body

The following lines show an example of the JSON response body:

  "pages": [
      "id": "fdad-a700-c12d47e15df7",
      "type": "designedHomePage",
      "name": "My Homepage",
      "language": "en-US"
      "id": "cfde-a543-dfderfe15df7",
      "type": "designedPage",
      "name": "My custom page",
      "url": "/p/my-awesome-page",
      "id": "ft/search",
      "type": "searchPage"
      "id": "ft/home",
      "type": "homePage"
      "id": "ft/reader",
      "type": "readerPage"
      "id": "ft/viewer",
      "type": "viewerPage"
Field Type Description
pages Array The arrays of pages found in all the page.display events.
id String A page's unique ID.
type String A page's type.
name String Optional. A page's name. This field is for all kinds of designed pages.
url String Optional. A page's URL. This field is for custom pages.
language String Optional. A page's language. This field is for designed Homepages.
Return code Description
200 OK Returns data in JSON format.