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This web service displays all the information included in the publish report that Fluid Topics generates when a user uploads data through a source.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/khub/uploads/{uploadId}/report

It is possible to use pagination with this web service.

Path parameter Type Description
{uploadId} String An identifier listed in the response body when uploading content through a source.

Response body

    "uploadId": "d441085c-4209-45ce-ab5f-37998b059730",
    "start": "2023-02-07T12:33:39.481+0000",
    "source": {
        "id": "dita_screencasts",
        "name": "Dita Screencasts",
        "type": "Dita",
        "description": "Dita source for screencasts",
        "category": ""
    "filename": "",
    "status": "DONE",
    "errorMessages": [],
    "publisher": "John Doe",
    "paging": {
        "currentPage": 1,
        "perPage": 100,
        "totalCount": 2
    "type": "PUBLISH",
    "publications": [
            "originId": "",
            "khubId": "OtZutoMtSUqEa0dVesovdg",
            "title": "First Screencast for Fluid Topics learning",
            "documentType": "MAP",
            "connectorStatus": "OK",
            "fluidTopicsStatus": "OK",
            "readerUrl": "",
            "apiUrl": ""
            "originId": "",
            "khubId": "g_VBhIw2I_Gz1gV~kAm4IQ",
            "title": "Second screencast for Fluid Topics learning",
            "documentType": "MAP",
            "connectorStatus": "OK",
            "fluidTopicsStatus": "OK",
            "readerUrl": "",
            "apiUrl": ""
Field Type Description
start String The date and time when the content began to be processed.
source Object A list of source properties.
filename String The name of the uploaded file.
status String The state of processing, which can be WAITING (processing pending), RUNNING (being processed), or DONE (processing finished).
errorMessages Array Displays errors if any occurred.
publisher String The name of the user who submitted the content for processing.
paging Object The number of pages for all variants.
type String The type of process (PUBLISH or REPROCESS).
publications Array A detailed list of all documents submitted for processing, with one object per variant.
  • Authentication via the header is required in all calls to Fluid Topics Dataflow web services.
  • The first processing job launched after reprocessing may take more time than all other processing jobs.