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This web service is used to get the usable content locales for specific Fluid Topics sources only, with the count of Knowledge Hub items for each locale.

Method Endpoint
POST /api/khub/locales/search

Request example

The JSON request body expects the following fields:

Field Description
key Expects the facet name.
values Expects the facet values.

If called with an empty JSON {} or an empty list of filters, the results are the same as they are when using the Get locales for all content web service.

The following lines show an example of JSON request body:

    "filters": [
            "key": "product",
            "values": ["poneySoft"]
            "key": "ft:sourceId",
            "values": ["source-A", "source-B"]

Response body

    "contentLocales": [
            "lang": "fr",
            "label": "Français",
            "count": 42
            "lang": "zh-CN",
            "label": "中文 (大陆)",
            "count": 42

With the following fields:

Field Type Description
contentLocales Array The content language ISO code.
    lang String The content language ISO code.
    label String The language as displayed on the portal.
    count Number The number of Knowledge Hub items corresponding to the given language.
Return code Description
200 OK Returns 0 or more results.
400 BAD REQUEST Invalid JSON request body.
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR The server could not process the request.