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This web service updates the display name associated with a user's account.

  • Only the accounts of internal realm users can be updated this way.
  • Using this web service requires an internal realm to be configured for the portal.
Method Endpoint
PUT /api/users/{userId}
Path parameter Type Description
{userId} String The user's identifier.

Request example

The following lines show an example of a JSON request body:

    "name": "New user name"
Field Type Required? Description
name String Yes The user's updated name as it should appear on the portal.
Return code Description
200 OK The request is valid and data is returned.
400 BAD REQUEST A required parameter is missing.
401 UNAUTHORIZED The authorization header was not provided or is invalid.
403 FORBIDDEN The user or API key does not have the ADMIN or USERS_ADMIN role.

For a comprehensive list of all possible return codes, see Return codes.

Response body

The following lines show an example of a JSON response body:

    "id": "a43eb18a-3f48-4732-9389-61b540ce9d0d",
    "displayName": "New User Name",
    "emailAddress": ""
Field Type Description
id String The user's identifier.
displayName String The user's name as it appears in the portal.
emailAddress String The user's email address.