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This web service lists all the documents in a selected collection that was previously added to the user's library.

Method Endpoint
GET /api/users/{userId}/collections/{collectionId}/documents
Path parameter Type Description
{userId} String The user's identifier as retrieved when listing all users.
{collectionId} String The identifier of the collection as retrieved when listing collections.

Response body

The following lines show an example of a JSON response body:

    "id": "e510cb2q-5399-4aaf-a134-917e154b4vtr",
    "title": "Document one",
    "type": "MAP",
    "deleted": false,
    "apiUrl": "https://fluid-topics/api/khub/maps/a7wNxXVLbM65nqk0xv14ug", 
    "portalUrl": "https://fluid-topics/r/Document-one"
Field Type Description
id String The identifier of the document.
title String The title of document.
type String The type of document. Possible values are MAP for structured documents (books or articles), DOCUMENT for unstructured documents, PERSONAL_BOOK for personal books and SHARED_BOOK for shared personal books.
deleted Boolean Possible values are true and false.
apiUrl String A URL to more information about the document (see associated web services for structured and unstructured documents).
portalUrl String The pretty URL of the document in the Fluid Topics portal.

For static collections, if a document is removed from the portal, apiUrl and portalUrl are not returned and the deleted parameter is set to true.

Return code Description
200 OK Returns 0 or more results.