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The deep link to a Fluid Topics Unstructured Document takes the following form:

Path parameter Type Description
{sourceId} String The id parameter of the source used to upload the content.

The {sourceId} parameter is case-sensitive.

Query parameter Type Required? Description
$METADATA_N String Yes The name of the metadata available to target the Unstructured Document.
$METADATA_N_VALUE String Yes The name of the metadata value available to target the Unstructured Document.

Sub-books objects from the Author-it export cannot be accessed via their ID, as they are not considered as "publications".


The "My UD" document has been created using the ud source ID. The following metadata values are available for this document:

  • ft:title: My UD
  • ft:baseId: 8FOPbIlJ8MFqLOC0w8a8wg
  • Category: Training
  • Product: Fluid Topics
  • audience: internal, public

To access the "public" version of this specific document for the "Fluid Topics Training" scope, the following path is possible:

/access/sources/ud/document?ft:title=My UD&Category=Training&Product=Fluid Topics&audience=public

As the ft:baseId of this specific document is 8FOPbIlJ8MFqLOC0w8a8wg, the following path is also possible:


It is then possible to share this document by using either one of the following links: UD&Category=Training&Product=Fluid Topics&audience=public

All variant values can be used to build a link pointing to a specific publication.