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The deep link to the topic of a Fluid Topics book using Author-it-generated contents takes the following form:

Path parameter Type Description
{sourceId} String The id parameter of the source used to upload the content.

The {sourceId} parameter is case-sensitive.

Query parameter Type Required? Description
$OBJECT_ID String Yes The "Object code" of the book as generated by Author-it.
$VARIANT_N String Yes The name of the variant as created in Author-it. It can be a variant used to generate a facet or not.
$VARIANT_N_VALUE String Yes The name of the variant as created in Author-it.

Sub-books objects from the Author-it export cannot be accessed via their ID, as they are not considered as "publications".


The "My Topic" topic has been created in Author-it. The following variant values have been applied:

  • Version: 3.1
  • Product: Fluid Topics
  • Platform: RHEL, Debian
  • Audience: internal, public

To access the "public" version of this specific topic for "RHEL", the following path is possible:

/access/sources/ait/topic?ft:topicTitle=My Topic&Audience=public&Platform=RHEL

If the "Object code" of this specific topic is 56789, the following path is also possible:


It is then possible to share this topic by using either one of the following links: Topic&Audience=public&Platform=RHEL

All variant values can be used to build a link pointing to a specific publication.