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Analytics for Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

Analytics data provides at-a-glance answers to the following questions:

  • What do users search for?
  • What do they read?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Which browsers do they use to access the portal?
  • Which documents should be prioritized when updating content?
  • What content is missing from the portal?
  • What content is trending at the moment?
  • And more.

Introduction to analytics for Fluid Topics

How does Fluid Topics generate analytics data?

Fluid Topics calculates analytics data based on the events it logs when users are active on a Fluid Topics portal.

Who can view analytics and where?

Users with the ADMIN or ANALYTICS_USER role can access analytics data in the Analytics dashboard.

It is also possible to explore analytics data by calling Fluid Topics Analytics web services. In addition to providing a quick way to zoom in on specific metrics,web services make it possible to configure integrations with existing systems and applications.

External analytics tools

It is possible to use external analytics tools such as GA4 or Adobe Analytics in addition to the Fluid Topics analytics. To link external analytics tools, customers must contact a Fluid Topics representative, for example by submitting a request via the Fluid Topics Help Desk.

When does analytics data refresh?

Analytics data refreshes at different times depending on the data type. The following table lists these times in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Data type When does it refresh?
Search terms Computed in real time
Searches with no results Computed in real time
Topic views Computed in real time
Page views Computed in real time
API calls heatmap Computed in real time
API calls time series data Computed in real time
Users time series data Hourly on the hour (HH:00)
Sessions time series data Hourly at 12 minutes past the hour (HH:12)
Document ratings Daily at 00:20
Topic ratings Daily at 00:25
Countries Daily at 00:27
Facets Daily at 00:29
Browsers Daily at 00:30
Document metrics at the document level Daily at 00:30
Document metrics at the document level Daily at 00:35
Document heatmap Daily at 1:30
Document views Daily at 2:00

How long is analytics data stored in the database?

Analytics data remains in the database for 13 months. After 13 months, the data is no longer available.

The browser window must have a width of at least 768 pixels to access the Analytics menu. The menu is therefore not available on small mobile devices, including smartphones.