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Analytics for Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

Each day, Fluid Topics stores logs about topic views to make actionable metrics available to users with the ADMIN or ANALYTICS_USER role.

Specifically, the application logs a single view when a user access one of the following types of content:

  • A topic in the Reader page.
  • A topic in a personal book.
  • A personal topic.

In the Topic views page of the Analytics dashboard, the following information is available:

  • The number of views logged for each topic.
  • The topic's title.
  • The title of the document where the topics is located.
  • An icon corresponding to one of the following content types:
  • Book or article.
  • Unstructured document.
  • Map attachment or resource.
  • Shared personal book.
  • All metadata set to be displayed in the Reader page is displayed in tags formatted as follows: metadata_label(metadata_ID): metadata_value.

For each topic, a shortcut menu is available with options to display the topic or document in the Reader page.

By default, topics with the most views appear first. Selecting the Views column header changes the sort order to display topics with the fewest views first.