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Analytics for Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

The Fluid Topics analytics stack logs data about user activity and preferences in the form of "events." Thanks to the semantic power of Fluid Topics, each event tells a clear and precise story about user activity.

The Fluid Topics analytics stack is capable of handling millions of events per day. The application filters out bounces so that only meaningful data makes its way to the Analytics dashboard.

Fluid Topics logs events even when a user accesses the application in Offline mode.

What types of events does Fluid Topics log?

Fluid Topics logs an event when a user performs actions such as the following:

  • Publish an archive
  • Access a page
  • Select a search result
  • View a document or topic
  • Search within a document
  • Send feedback
  • Rate or unrate content
  • Create, delete, or modify an asset (personal book, bookmark, etc.)
  • Download an unstructured document.
  • Share a topic's or document's URL.
  • Print a structured document.
  • And more.

For information about specific events, see the Analytics events topic in the Integrate the Fluid Topics API Reference Guide.