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Analytics for Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

The Document heatmap page displays information about how many views Fluid Topics has logged for a document and each of its topics during a selected period.

When calculating views, Fluid Topics ignores bounced content (i.e., documents and topics viewed for a duration of less than one second).

Opening a shortcut menu in the Document views page and selecting View heatmap displays the associated document's heatmap with the following information:

  • The document view count for the selected period.
  • A button to download the document's heatmap in XLSX format.
  • The document's metadata.
  • The number of views for each topic.

Topics are listed as they appear in the document's table of contents. Selecting the expander arrow to the left of the title of a topic displays view numbers for the child topics as follows:

Example of a document heatmap

Modify date range

Selecting the Calendar icon opens a dedicated date picker with options to filter on the past week, the past 3 months, or a custom range. After defining a new date range, the heatmap is updated accordingly.