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Fluid Topics v3.9 positions the Document shortcut menu along the right edge of the Title bar. Opening this menu displays the Title pane with the following information:

  1. A section with public information about the document.
  2. Action buttons to share the document's URL, print all or part of the document, rate a document, or download a document.
  3. For users with the ADMIN, KHUB_ADMIN, or CONTENT_PUBLISHER role only: a section with options to view the document's Metadata journal or delete the document.

- Depending on the portal's configuration, certain actions may also be available as Document quick action buttons. If available, these buttons appear in the Title bar, directly to the left of the Document shortcut menu.

- The availability of the Share URL, Print, Rate this document, and Download buttons depends on whether an administrator has configured the portal to display them and whether the user has the appropriate user role.