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To save a list of search results for future consultation, select the Save button in the Search page:

Save search button

It is not possible to save an empty search. Using search terms is optional, but if none are used, selecting at least one filter is necessary.

A dialog opens with options to configure the saved search:

Save search popup

Selecting the Save button adds the saved search to the user's assets.

The Save as section of the popup, which allows users to decide whether to save the search as a list of results or as a Collection, is only displayed if two conditions are met: the user has the COLLECTION_USER role and an administrator has activated the Collections feature.

Saving a search as a Collection adds all the content in the list of search results to that Collection. The only way to modify the documents in a search saved as a Collection is to delete the Collection and create a new one.

For users who have access to Offline mode, saving a search as a collection means that all content in the list of search results can be made available for offline reading by simply synchronizing the collection. If there are many documents in the list of search results, it may take a while to synchronize the collection for offline reading.