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It is possible to print topics in different sections of the user interface as follows:

  1. By selecting the Print topics button in the Topic shortcut menu (parent topic and its children automatically selected for printing).
  2. By selecting the Print button in the Document shortcut menu (all topics automatically selected).

After choosing one or more topics, selecting the Print button opens the browser's print window with a preview of the generated PDF file.

It is not possible to include a header or footer in the generated PDF file, even if they have been configured by an administrator.

Browser compatibility for Chrome and Safari

By default, Chrome and Safari disable custom PDF styling. To make custom PDF templates available with these browsers, it is necessary to take the following steps when printing.

For Chrome:

  1. In the Print window, open the More settings menu.


  2. Select the Background graphics option.


For Safari:

  1. In the Print window, select the Show options button.


  2. Select the Print backgrounds option.