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Facets allow users to precisely define the various properties of the document they are looking for. Examples of such properties include language, version, product, etc. By using facets, users can easily switch from one version of a document to another and go directly to the most relevant content.

The Filters tab in the sidebar of the Search page allows the user to filter search results by defining specific facets values:

Filters and My Searches tabs


  1. Checking the box in the Search type section filters the search results to only return documents containing relevant keywords in their titles.
  2. Selecting a facet automatically updates the search results pane with documentation matching the selected facet value. Selecting multiple values from the same facets makes it possible to virtually exclude remaining ones. The following case shows an example of how to exclude "ACS" product from the search results:

    Multiple values selected for a facet on the Search Results page

Some facet values might conflict other ones and thus make it impossible to select a specific combination of facet values.

The following example shows that there are no "Release Notes" for the AFS@Store product in version 5.7; the facet value is therefore removed:

A specific version is not compatible with the Release notes category