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If an administrator has enabled the OpenSearch integration for a portal, users can enter a search query directly in the browser's address bar. This removes the need to first access the portal's URL in order to use its search engine.

To use OpenSearch, the steps are as follows:

  • In the address bar of any open browser tab, start typing the portal's URL. For users who have accessed the portal before, the browser will autocomplete the rest of the URL. For example, entering "doc.a" or even "d" can be enough to autocomplete the following URL, depending on how often the user visits the website and how many other websites with similar URLs they visit:

  • Once the portal's full URL appears in the address bar, use the "tab" key to activate the OpenSearch mechanism. The URL in the address bar converts to OpenSearch mode as follows:

    Open search mode

  • Enter a search query. For example:

    OpenSearch query

  • Select the "enter" key to submit the query and directly access the portal's Search page with results matching the keywords of the query.