Fluid Topics interface - Fluid Topics - 3.9

Fluid Topics User Guide

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The Fluid Topics application is composed of the following components:

  1. A header.
  2. The Homepage: displays a search box allowing users to filter content by keyword(s) and/or filters, or submit an empty search query.
    • To navigate to the Search page, select the Search icon on the Homepage.
  3. The Search page: displays a preview of all topics corresponding to the search criteria entered on the Homepage. If a user enters an empty search query, Fluid Topics returns all documents available in the portal which the user has the right to access.
    • To navigate to the Reader page, select the title of a search result in the Search page.
  4. The Reader page: displays the selected topic within the corresponding book or article. On this page, users can access features such as:
  5. The Viewer page: displays unstructured documents and resources.