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Fluid Topics Control File

Technical Notes

It is possible to define metadata for a topic file present in the archive as follows:

  1. Create a Fluid Topics control file.
  2. Find the resource node of the document containing the topic.
  3. Add a topics tag to the resource node.
  4. Add a topic tag to the topics node.
  5. Add a selector tag to the topic node.
  6. Add an originId tag with original originId of the topic to define metadata for.
  7. Close the selector tag.
  8. Add new metadata.

Since the topic must be present in the archive, the control file must be uploaded synchronously.

The following lines show an example of a control file that defines metadata for a topic:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <resource lang="en-GB">
                        <meta key="product">
Element Required? Description
selector/originId Yes The originId of the targeted topic. For instructions, see Predict a topic's original originId.
originId No New value for ft:originId metadata.
clusterId No New value for ft:clusterId metadata.
title No New value for ft:title metadata.
description No New value for ft:description metadata.
lastEdition No New value for ft:lastEdition metadata.
originUrl No New value for ft:originUrl metadata.
metas No Contains all <meta> nodes.
meta No New custom metadata with key attribute as key, and <value> nodes as values.