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Fluid Topics Control File

Technical Notes

Administrators can update document metadata by uploading a control file synchronously or asynchronously.

The example below shows a control file that performs the following actions for a document:

  • Modifies its clusterId.
  • Modifies its title.
  • Modifies its description.
  • Replaces the value for the Product metadata with a new value.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <resource lang="en-GB">
            <originId>document origin id</originId>
            <title>New title</title>
            <description>New description</description>
            <metas action="replace">
                <meta key="product">
                    <value>New product</value>
Name Description
filePath The path to the file corresponding to the document to modify.
originId A new value for the ft:originId metadata.
clusterId A new value for the ft:clusterId metadata.
title A new value for the ft:title metadata.
description A new value for the ft:description metadata.
lastEdition A new value for the ft:lastEdition metadata.
editorialType A new value for the ft:editorialType metadata.
lang A new value for the ft:locale metadata.
metas Contains all <meta> nodes.
replace An attribute that removes all the document's metadata and replaces it by new metadata. To keep the old metadata and add new metadata instead, use the append attribute.
meta Adds custom metadata with key attribute as key and <value> nodes as values.
  • Topics inherit the updated metadata.
  • The control file must contain one resource node for each document to be modified.
  • Metadata beginning with the prefix ft: can be modified but cannot be removed.
  • It is necessary to name the file FluidTopicsControlFile.xml and place it at the root of the archive to be exported.

It is also possible to use the Update/replace publication metadata web service to modify a document's metadata.