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Integrate the Fluid Topics API

Technical Notes

This server event occurs when all of the documents in a ZIP archive have finished being processed in the Knowledge Hub.

This event contains the following fields:

Field Description
uploadId The identifier of the upload leading to the processing of the document.
processType The type of process job. Possible values are PUBLISH, DELETE, UPDATE_METADATA, REPROCESS_METADATA, and UPDATE_ATTACHMENTS.
processStatus The status of the process job. Possible values are OK, FAILED, and WARNING.
processDurationS The number of seconds the process job ran.
waitDurationS The number of seconds before the process job started.
processSource An object containing information about the source.
    id The source's identifier.
    name The source's name.
    type The source's type.

A table for the most common fields is in Analytics events.


        "appName": "ft/turnkey-portal",
        "appVersion": "4.2.26",
        "contentLocale": "und",
        "datetime": 1704191222422,
        "id": "296602c8-9d99-4743-a8a9-944907eb08e5",
        "name": "khub.process",
        "offline": false,
        "parameters": {
            "processDurationS": 12,
            "processSource": {
                "id": "md_docxs",
                "name": "Markdown DocXS",
                "type": "Markdown"
            "processStatus": "OK",
            "processType": "PUBLISH",
            "uploadId": "de9282b1-efcf-4639-8825-8cd9b309452c",
            "waitDurationS": 0
        "sessionId": "",
        "tenantId": "1-stable",
        "uiLocale": "und",
        "user": {
            "groups": [],
            "id": "d554325-eef7-4850-93c1-cea73446582060",
            "roles": []
        "userAgent": "",
        "userIp": ""