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Technical Notes

Fluid Topics incorporates an Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark analytics stack that collects, combines, and mobilizes data about users' activities and preferences, even when users go offline. Each user activity takes the form of an "event". The Fluid Topics analytics stack is capable of handling millions of events per day.

Analytics events originate from either the web application or the server. It is possible to listen to events originating from the web application.

The most common fields for the Analytics events are:

Field Description
appName The name of the application generating the event.
appVersion The version of the application generating the event.
contentLocale The content language chosen by the user.
datetime The day and time when the event was generated.
name The name of the event.
offline Indicates whether the event was generated when the user was offline.
uiLocale The interface language chosen by the user.
parameters Defines the specific fields of the event, which are different for each event.