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Technical Notes

This server event occurs when a FEEDBACK_USER user rates a document.

This event contains the following fields:

Field Description
document An object containing information about the document.
    id The document's identifier.
    metadata A list of the document's metadata with the label and values of each key.
    title The title of the document.
    type The document's type (for example STRUCTURED_DOCUMENT).
    mimeType The document's MIME type for an UNSTRUCTURED_DOCUMENT.
rating An object containing information about the rating.
    type The type of rating (for example, like, stars, or dichotomous).
value The value of the rating (for example, 1 for like, 0 for dislike).

Since this event originates from the server and not the web application, it is not possible to listen to it.

A table for the most common fields is in Analytics events.

        "startDate": "2023-10-01T00:00:00",
        "endDate": "2024-02-01T00:00:00",
        "paging": {
            "page": 1,
            "perPage": 1,
            "totalCount": 2,
            "lastPage": false
        "results": [
                "appName": "ft/turnkey-portal",
                "appVersion": "4.2.14",
                "contentLocale": "en-US",
                "datetime": 1697550494970,
                "id": "6c6cef11-97ad-4252-bcfe-3e9e07d9c11c",
                "name": "document.rate",
                "offline": false,
                "parameters": {
                    "document": {
                        "id": "m27nLjomVg08FbI7W1Mvjg",
                        "title": "Author-it Connector Reference Guide",
                        "type": "STRUCTURED_DOCUMENT",
                        "metadata": [
                                "key": "Product",
                                "label": "Product",
                                "values": [
                                    "Fluid Topics"
                                "key": "Version_FT",
                                "label": "Fluid Topics Version",
                                "values": [
                                "key": "Category",
                                "label": "Category",
                                "values": [
                                    "Technical Notes"
                                "key": "audience",
                                "label": "Target Audience",
                                "values": [
                    "rating": {
                        "type": "stars",
                        "value": "1"
                "sessionId": "ffc854b5-4153-406d-9745-57abb63becec",
                "tenantId": "1-stable",
                "uiLocale": "en-US",
                "user": {
                    "groups": [
                    "id": "d554325-eef7-4850-93c1-cea73446582060",
                    "roles": [
                "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 Edg/118.0.2088.46",
                "userIp": ""