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Fluid Topics Publisher (ftpub)

Technical Notes

Fluid Topics publisher (ftpub) is a data agnostic tool that performs the following actions:

  • Create a ZIP file containing the content to be published.
  • List a portal's available sources.
  • Upload a ZIP file through any source.
  • Delete documents based on metadata.

Data agnostic publishing

Intentionally simple and easy to master, the ftpub tool gives content managers the following new options for designing and implementing publishing workflows:

The ftpub tool can ingest files with or without metadata (including those produced by gitlab-wiki).

The legacy publishing workflow, which consists in manually compressing files into a single ZIP file, then manually uploading the ZIP file in the Publishing administration interface or calling the Upload content web service, remains available. However, it is no longer necessary when using the ftpub tool.

Configure a CI/CD to publish to a Fluid Topics portal