Create the Antidot Application User - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

It is necessary to create the Antidot Application User antidot with the proper rights on the server hosting Antidot components in order to run ALL the components.

Create the appropriate user and group

The GID (Group ID) and the UID (User ID) must not exceed 999 but should be as close as possible to 1000. For instance, if 999 is already assigned, use 998, and so on.

Run the following commands to create the antidot group and the antidot user:

As root user

groupadd -g 999 antidot
adduser -gid 999 -u 999 antidot

If the group ID is already taken, check the list of the groups existing on the server by running the following command: cat /etc/group

Set the user's password

Set a password for the antidot user by running the following command:

As root user

passwd antidot

Enter the antidot password twice as prompted by the server.