Configure the Back Office - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

The appropriate link to the Back Office portal is automatically created when installing antidot-tools package.

Example of a symbolic link created to communicate with the Back Office portal:

ln -s /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/bo-portal /var/www/html/bo-portal

Complete the installation by reaching the Back Office.

The Back Office URL takes the following form:


The Back Office address corresponds to the access URL of the server where the installation is done.

In our example, the Back Office is reachable at the following URL:


To access the Back Office as root user with full privileges, by default:

  • login: antidot
  • password: change_on_install

It is strongly recommended to set a new root password to access the Back Office as root user. Refer to Change Back Office Password.

Keep the Back Office root user's login and password at hand, as they are used multiple times during the Fluid Topics installation procedure.

The Back Office URL must be open on port 80 (HTTP) to ensure Fluid Topics can access it.

To make sure that apache2 is enabled to auto start when the server restarts, run the following commands:

As root user

chkconfig --add apache2
chkconfig apache2 on
systemctl start apache2

If necessary, install the chkconfig utility on your server.