ft_ditaot_transform - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

The ft_ditaot_transform script is used for DITA-OT transformations.

Command template:

ft_ditaot_transform (-z $ZIP_PATH | --data-path $DATA_PATH) [--conf-path $CONF_PATH] -o $OUTPUT_PATH -d $DITAOT_PATH [-v] [-h]

Command example:

antidot@foo:/fluid-topics$ ft_ditaot_transform -z /tmp/Dita01.zip -o /tmp/output -d /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/DITA-OT-3.0 -v

Command arguments:

  • -z: Expects the path to the zipped DITA archive. Can also be written --zip-path.
  • --data-path: Expects the path to the unzipped DITA content.
  • --conf-path: Expects the path to the tenant configuration file.
  • -o: Expects the absolute path to the destination for the transformed content. Can also be written --output-path.

Using a relative path returns an error.

  • -d: Expects the path to the DITA-OT version. Can also be written --ditaot-path.
  • -h: Displays the help and lists all available optional arguments for the command. Can also be written --help.

  • -v: Activates verbose mode. Can also be written --verbose.

The script is available in the antidot-fluidtopics-reply package.