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At a Glance

Business value

Logging in to a Fluid Topics user account has the following advantages:

  • Improve usability: Bookmarks allow end-users to retrieve previously viewed documents and topics with one click.
  • Empower self-service: End-users can create Personal books that combine different sections of different documents, as well as personal content and comments.
  • Share knowledge: End-users can share Personal books as PDFs or URLs.
  • Receive automatic alerts: By saving popular searches, end-users can retrieve results instantaneously and receive Alerts when new results become available.
  • Access everywhere: Offline mode makes Collections of documents available everywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Improve productivity: Search preferences let end-users create custom search experiences that always feature the latest information about their preferred product and version.

Feature overview

Users who log in to Fluid Topics have access to the My Library and My Account interfaces. These interfaces are not available to unauthenticated users. Depending on the rights they have been assigned, users can create personal assets in the My Library interface, including Bookmarks, Personal books, Saved searches, and Collections. They can also customize their user profile by creating Search preferences and language preferences. If an administrator has activated Offline mode (a premium feature) for the portal, authenticated and authorized users can access their personal assets even without a network connection.


In order for users to be able to create an account, a Fluid Topics administrator must have configured a realm and allowed registration.

Some personal assets in the My Library interface are only available to users who have a certain role. ADMIN and USERS_ADMIN users can assign one or more of the following default roles to all authenticated users:

  • Can create personal books - PERSONAL_BOOK_USER
  • Can create and share personal books - PERSONAL_BOOK_SHARE_USER
  • Can create personal books and export to HTML - HTML_EXPORT_USER
  • Can create personal books and export to PDF - PDF_EXPORT_USER
  • Can save searches - SAVED_SEARCH_USER
  • Can create collections - COLLECTION_USER
  • Can use offline features - OFFLINE_USER

Enable and configure the My Account feature

The following resources contain more information about the features users can access after logging in to a Fluid Topics account:

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