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Unstructured Documents Connector Reference Guide

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It is possible to update metadata previously assigned to an unstructured document as follows:

  1. Create or edit FluidTopicsControlFile.xml.
  2. Modify the <metas> metadata key.
  3. Upload an archive containing the updated FluidTopicsControlFile.xml file.


The following lines show an example of a control file that updates the metadata of an unstructured document:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
                <meta key="Audience">
                <meta key="Category">
                <!-- Metadata key to add to the document -->
                <meta key="Version">

In this case, <filePath> is used to identify the document. Indeed, the document is not in the archive and no <originId> was defined for the document. If an <originId> was manually set for the document, it would not be possible to use <filePath>.

It is necessary to keep the <filePath> and <metas> elements from the previously uploaded unstructured document. Indeed, metadata specified in the <metas> node replaces the metadata previously set.

There is no need to include the unstructured files in the archive. Users can upload an archive containing only FluidTopicsControlFile.xml.