terms - Fluid Topics

AFS Taruqa

Technical Notes

The terms operator a simple combination of query terms.

This operator computes the mean score of all the query terms it contains independently of each other.

The JSON object representing this operation follows this format:

{"terms": {"query": "<query_terms>", 
           "context": ["<field_name>",...],
           "smoothing": {...}}}}


  • query_terms is a raw, full text search query. It is limited to 500 characters.

  • field_name is the name of a virtual fields or a built-in context within which the terms are searched for. If multiple field names are specified, they are all considered as a single merged field for the purposes of this operator.

  • smoothing (optional). See the smoothing documentation.

  • The context property is optional. If not specified, the set of all available indexation contexts is used.