afs:explain=terms - Fluid Topics

AFS Taruqa

Technical Notes

terms is explained at the beginning of the <afs:meta> in <afs:searchTerms>.


    <afs:term tpred_id="1" pos_id="0" offset="0" length="3" initial_size="1" surface="turn:afs:skos:concept:aeb0f8c8-7815-482e-a137-ef24573559fd" load_positions="true"/>
    <afs:term tpred_id="1" pos_id="1" offset="4" length="5" initial_size="1" surface="suser" load_positions="true"/>
    <afs:term tpred_id="1" pos_id="2" offset="10" length="5" initial_size="1" surface="sguide" load_positions="true"/>

In this example, the following observations emerge:

  • The first term, AFS, has been identified as a thesaurus entry.
  • The second term, users, has been stemmed to its singular user.
  • The last and third term, Guide, has been stemmed to its normalized lowercase form, guide.